I’m Looking for Seven People In Each State!

My name is Michael Lamb. I own a very exciting, very profitable home business. I’m looking to add partners in my business group. We’re looking for seven people in each state. Only 7.  Seven people who are ready for more income and more freedom. More time to do what you want, when you want. More time to spend with your family, travel, write or enjoy your life without stress! I’m going to personally work with you to create and build your own incredible home business income. Your set-up cost is about $400. I can show you how to quickly earn back your initial cost. I did it in less than two weeks. That was three years ago.

Imagine a home business you can run from anywhere with only a few hours a week.

People are flocking to us once they remarkable copysee what we’re doing. It’s a home business anyone can run with no prior knowledge or experience. You can be up and running by the end of the day. Cash with direct deposit in your bank account in as little as three days. And we get paid seven different ways with retail income and lots of bonuses. It’s a remarkable opportunity.

Once we have locked in seven people in each state this site will change to promote your business in our group. We want to create massive growth in our business group. Massive growth means much more income for you. And will-able, legacy income for generations of your family.

We have a very simple success formula. It works when it’s followed. If you can follow simple instructions you will make very good money and own a business that will grow quite large without much of your help. We also have simple and clever methods, plus additional sites to help you develop leads for both customers and distributors.


This is Direct Marketing, but without the balancing act. No right or left sides. No binaries. No mumbo-jumbo. Just great commissions for customer usage and hefty bonuses for business growth. One person in your business group can make you a lot of money. Only a few people can produce a nice monthly income. A handful can make you rich. And as you get promoted you never lose a rank or commissions.

I’m committed to helping you build your business. A business that will change your life. I will personally work with you until you reach the third income level ( with real monthly income) or until you don’t need me any more.

This is a simple business with a product every business and family uses already. You will be amazed at how you can make serious money by sharing it. Quite frankly, it blew me away. Contact me and I’ll tell you more. If you’re not serious about running and growing your own business with a small investment, don’t call and waste the time. If you want or need to make money now or want your own simple home business, contact me immediately.